Projects and Grants

UniPHY: ANR JCJC - 2024-2028 (370k€)
AuthentiPHY: Collaboration with KULeuven - 2023-2026 (130k€)
CoCoMile: PHC Aurora - 2021-2023 (10k€)
PHYsec: UB Grants - 2021-2022 (20k€)

DILUTE: Fluid Service Abstraction for Large-Scale Cloud IoT Systems

This project address the question of geo-distributed resources management and service placement in the context of fog computing.

More resources on the official webpage: here

A Distributed Federation for LoRaWAN : FLIP

This work aims to propose a collaborative platform for LoRaWAN actors.

  • Backward compatibility with any deployed Class A end-device
  • Free roaming inside the federation
  • Cheap entry price: 1 Raspberry Pi
  • Participating clusters in various European cities

More resources in the official repository: here.